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Program Rules & Terms of Service

1. Before registering to the Mommies: It's Prep Time Program you must read the rules and terms of service and sign that you agree with them.

2. Once the rules have been read then you can proceed and register to participate in the program.

3. Once we receive the request we will get in touch by e-mail and by phone in order to confirm your request and answer any additional questions you may have.

4. The products marked with "Pre-Order" will work by the following rules:

  • Once you create your list it will be considerate as an Open Pre-Order which means

    that your guest can contact us to receive the most updated list so they can choose

    which products to buy.

  • Once they choose what items to buy, they will receive an invoice by e-mail. They will

    have 24 hours to make a deposit payment of 50% of the order (this 50% does not include taxes nor shipping cost, these fees will be invoiced when the merchandise arrives at our facility along with the pending balance). If the deposit is not received within the 24 hours the order will not be processed.

  • When the merchandise arrives we will notify and send an e-mail with the final invoice taxes and shipping cost included. The guest has 24 hours to pay the remaining balance. If the payment is not received in 24 hours the order will be canceled without deposit reimbursement.

  • Once the payment is receive the order will be processed to ship.

  • We accept the following forms of payment: ATH Móvil Business using the

    pATH/EcorganicB, PayPal and/ or Credit Card

5. When you finish creating your list a copy will be sent to your e-mail. If you need to

make any changes make sure to tell us as soon as possible before sending the list to your guest in order to avoid unwanted items.

6. When you announce your guest about your list it is very important that they contact us to obtain the updated list in order to repeated items. Your guest will have the options to contact us:

  • E-mail

  • Website Contact Form

  • Facebook Page : Ecorganic Boutique by private message.

  • Text or WhatsApp: 787-608-9995

7. You can choose to receive by mail all your gifts or we can send them by mail to your guest for them to give them to you. The shipping cost is calculated by weight or by flat rate whichever the best price is for the client.

8. The shipping cost is paid by the guest making the order and the gift wrapping is included.

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