This is my kid's favorite soap!!

It's a special soap for toddlers and older children. Kids love it because of it's like a beautiful, colorful rainbow. 


Best for: 2 years & up


 Arinay is a family owned brand from Humacao, PR. dedicated to confeccionate the best skin care products, without harmful and toxic ingredients for the whole family.


Ingredients: Distilled water, Oil blends (Olive, Sunflower, Castor, Coconut, Palm), Shea, Lavander & Ginger essemtial oils, Mica Colors. 

Organic & Fair trade certified ingredients

Rainbow Handmande Soap

  • This Kids Soap is:

    • Fragrance Free.
    • Parabens Free.
    • Colorants Free only natural micas.
    • Toxic Free.
    • SAFE.

    This soap is hand cut and hand-packaged so slight variation will occur from batch to batch. Soap sizes range from 4 - 5 oz. 

    Important: Natural soaps are high in glycerin and softer than store bought soap, in order to make your soap last longer, do not allow soap to sit in water. Allow it to dry out between uses.