DURAFRESH™ is an effective, bacteria-fighting multi-use cleaning cloth that provides value to consumers who seek healthier lifestyles while supporting environmental responsibility. 



DURA FRESH Cloths (2 pack)

$9.00 Regular Price
$6.30Sale Price
    • rinses unusually clean, 99.9% germ-free, as clean as the running water it’s rinsed in.
    • is made from sustainable wood fiber (the most abundant and fastest replenishing natural resource).
    • is super soft, absorbent, durable, and stain-resistant.
    • reduces the need for, and exposure to, chemical cleaners.
    • can be machine or hand washed (recommend air drying to increase longevity).
    • is not made from petroleum based fibers (unlike microfiber cloths), therefore,
    • will biodegrade in compost (or in nature) or can be incinerated without releasing toxins
    • outperforms and replaces the need for dozens of paper towel rolls (saving money & reducing waste)
    • is engineered to the highest standards and tested by independent labs.
    • is the smart, sustainable solution you can depend on for all of your cleaning needs; at home, work or on the go.