Linda Mami 

Linda Mami are natural non-toxic skincare products for moms, babies and the whole family. The ingredients used in these products are orgnanic, vegan and Kosher certified. These products are parabens free, phthalates free, sulphate free and bisphenol A free. Linda Mami is a local business in Puerto Rico.

Natural Mommy & Peke by Arinay

Natural Mommy & Peke by Arinay  is a line of hand made products. This products are excelents for expectants mothers and for babies. They are made with love in Humacao, Puerto Rico and do not contain any harm chemicals. They used fair trade shea butter and essential oils of lavander, chamomile and Calendula. They offer a variaty of products such as the Baby Soap, All Purpose Rash Balm, the Soothing Body Lotion , the Pregnancy Belly Balm and the Breathe Better Balm.  

Arinay Bath and Body

Arinay Bath and Body is a line of hand made products since 2007. These products are excellent for women,s skin.They  are made with love in Humacao, Puerto Rico. They are made with organic, natural oils and other natural ingredients.