Let me tell you a story abour this soap.

There is a Japanese technique in which they take broken vessels and rebuild them with a GOLD glue. Now the beauty of these vessels is in the scars that are covered with GOLD.


This soap is inspired by these vessels because in life, situations occur in which you can feel like a broken vessel, broken into pieces, because you have been hurt , rejected etc but ...

But in the hands of God, He can take you and glue every piece that has been broken. He can make you like a new vessel. This time with the GOLD of God, with a new and more beautiful and high value.

The scars will reflect beauty and will look on you, but not to suffer it if not to bear witness to what God transforms.

When you bathe with it, remember that you are a beautiful and valuable vessel in the hands of your Creator. Woman, you're worth as GOLD! Do not belittle yourself or let anyone do it.


 Arinay is a family owned brand from Humacao, PR. dedicated to confeccionate the best skin care products, without harmful and toxic ingredients for the whole family.


Ingredients:  rich oils for your skin such as Coconut, Castor, Grape Seed and organic and fair trade butter Karité & Cocoa. It also has a touch of Bentonite Clay (works great for oily skin face). It also has a rich blend of Essential Oils of Orange, Lemongrass and Ginger.

Scars Handmande Soap

    • No artificial fragrances
    • No animal products
    • No preservatives 
    • No harsh chemicals
    • Made in Humacao, Puerto Rico

    This soap is hand cut and hand-packaged so slight variation will occur from batch to batch. Soap sizes range from 4 - 5 oz. 

    Important: Natural soaps are high in glycerin and softer than store bought soap, in order to make your soap last longer, do not allow soap to sit in water. Allow it to dry out between uses.