This is a refreshing body or foot lotion. This is my father's FAVORITE lotion to calm his neuropathy.  It has Menthol for a refreshing experience. Very smooth and rich in nutrients.  


4oz. bottle


Best use for: Tired feet, muscular pain


Arinay is a family owned brand from Humacao, PR. dedicated to confeccionate the best skin care products, without harmful and toxic ingredients for the whole family.


Ingredients: Blend of natural source Oils like Olive, Grapeseed and Avocado. Distilled water, Shea & Cocoa butters (Organic and fair trade certified), Essential oils blend, Menthol, Peppermint, Arnica and St. John's flowers. 

Mint Handmande Lotion

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    • Premade Base Lotion Free
    • Colorants Free
    • Parabens Free
    • Organic and Fair Trade Certified Ingredients
    • Weight 4 oz.
    • Made in Humacao, Puerto Rico