This one is one of my top favorites lotions of all times!!


This baby lotion has a touch of Lavender Essential Oil for calming and healing properties. It is handmade from scratch and in small batches with oil blends (Olive, Aloe, Sunflower),  infused with the anti inflammatory, healing and calming benefits of chamomile, calendula, & lavender flowers.


4oz. bottle


Arinay is a family owned brand from Humacao, PR. dedicated to confeccionate the best skin care products, without harmful and toxic ingredients for the whole family.


Ingredientes: Water, Natural Oils Blend (Sunflower, Coconut, Olive), Organic & Fair Trade Shea Butter, Chamomile, Calendula & Lavender Flowers, Glycerine Essential Oils




Baby Smooth and Calming Lotion

    • No fragrance added.
    • No colorants added.
    • No harmful chemicals. 
    •  Organic & Fair Trade Shea Butter for moisturizing properties
    • Made in Humacao, Puerto Rico

    Weight 4oz.

    Note: It can be sensitive to heat or sun

  • Use to massage baby after bath.